Monday, November 24, 2014

You can do more than you think you can..

I earned it!
Yes I completed my long awaited Airtel Delhi Half marathon-2014 yesterday.  Don’t know how but my experience with this particular event again turned out to be sour like last year when I did my maiden.  Nothing to relate with the organization of the event (it is the best), but my personal experience.

I completed the half in 2:09 hrs, but since I was shooting better performance than this, where last year did my maiden same event in 2:45 hrs.

The not so good part –
1.       Me and N parted soon after the entry gate and I kept looking for him around the warm-up area till 7:13 where the run had already started at 7:05.  Went back to start the run, I was left with no choice but to run in F category.
2.      After starting the run, all 4 kms I was bothered/upset as had to hand over him the stuff.
3.      On the top of it, the settings of my watch were changed and it showed the current calories being burned, while running.  And that was just a bad bad luck.
4.      I was very low, ran through out without getting an idea about timings I was clocking.

At the end I felt I could have done little better if all this did not happen, or this is just an escape reason.

Better if I just post that….  My marathon recap = I didn't run fast enough again.  
End of the story.

Maybe I am just a mediocre runner.  But I am giving it my all and do believe that my best is yet to come.  If I “fail” then I fail, but I won’t ever regret trying.  But I absolutely would regret not trying to see how good I can be and pursuing the goals I have in the sports that I love.

I have always felt about myself as an optimist.  I believe in good things.  I look on the bright side.  I have hope.  That’s me.

And I completely believe this –
You can do more than you think you can.


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