Tuesday, August 12, 2014

new addition ..


Since quite long I was brooding over hanging up the picture in this empty frame.  Reason - my guest would still pop up with the question, “Why is there an empty frame?” And I had no answer as it was intensely kept like that. So, I would say I am still thinking of the RIGHT picture to hang.

Now as per my friends and family, Wall is complete.  I liked it too (SMILES).


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Midweek break!

It’s been fortnight since got back to work, after the break.  I have become time slave again fighting with the the daily grind.  Cooking something special, watching a movie with family and free ME time is left only to weekends. 

But today the day turned out to be different.  I got back from the work an hour before.  Without taking a second break, jumped in to complete all my daily chores.  Result, I was free before time, leading to the most ideal situation a clean, neat and chore-free house.  
Made myself a soothing cup of ginger tea with some cookies and enjoyed all the time in the world to read, write, think and rest of the day to me and myself. 

Do you also get midweek break sometimes?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

and THE KITCHEN rules always..

Kitchen has always been my foremost place in the house about which I am the most obsessed. 
I tend to be a neatnik, and kitchen to me is also one of the place where I can spend time with my friend chatting over a cup of coffee anytime-YES WHY NOT.  Why restrict kitchen to a place only for chopping, cooking, cleaning utensils, store grocery etc etc.  As a cook I am anything but neat.  Yes that means I cook quite clean unless n until I am really really short of time.  I believe that kitchen of one’s house reflect our character about keeping up the things and managing work(it can be anywhere).    

Here are the few updates from my kitchen, from last years to current year.  It is the only time of the year when I really think out of the box to do up my kitchen i.e. during the summer break from work.

It is not the Before and After but how the place has evolved/grown over a years time.

2013 SUMMER -

2014 SUMMER -

Due to shifting of Water purifier there was no space to hang my cups rack like last year.  So added new cup hooks making the counter more user friendly and easily accessible, also keeping the organizing elements next to the sink.  

More Travelling more Sovieniers (MY TREASURE)

From past few years I have been collecting white wares but in no time I will be short of space (wink).  I love the pretty details in the kitchen, like the open wood shelves, white ware, magnetic knife bar, and plenty of light.