Thursday, May 8, 2014

Run less, Run faster

Looking forward to soon running my first overseas night marathon which would be truly a unique way to literally leave ones footprints behind and collect many travel (running) stories.
Although I have trained quite hard on endurance building like worked 7days-7k, did some long runs but I am still very skeptical if I would be able to improve on my timings or not.  I am in distress,  feeling very nervous right now, where I still have 3 weeks to go.
Starting with a 2 week workout plan from tomorrow, which includes tempo, intervals and long runs.
My 7 day plan is as-
Saturday - 10krun with progressive run in the last couple of kms, then after a recovery km, 4 x 400 at a better pace (with warmup and cool down) 
Sunday - Rest day
Monday - Crossfit Strenght training
Tuesday- Tempo run 7km
Wednesday - Sprint workout
Thursday - Rest
Friday - easy pace 15km

Hope to cut that comfortably and aim to finish strong.