Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I’m unstoppable ..

Another break, another sorry, but how time travels or actually flies….I am just not able to keep up with the blog posts.  But this time I have thought about rather just penning down my house updates…I will also blog about being me.   For me being an Arian, if actually that is the root cause.  I cannot set to one thing, I tempt for diverse thrills in day-to-day life.  For now I have picked up is Running.  Over the past few months I have realized how running teaches us to keep moving forward one step at a time, especially in the most painful moments.   
Some really stupid things that make me feel like I have started to really experience the life of a runner.
Soaking a shirt with sweat.
Swallowing a bug while running.
Tripping and totally scraping up myself.
Blisters on my feet.
Sore legs for days.
Constantly looking for new hype songs.
Keeping my pace.
Passing people up.
Getting a sip of water from random sprinklers.
Falling in to a trance watching my shadow.
Getting the best ideas (but always forgetting them)
Making my last mile the fastest mile.
Getting jealous seeing others running when I can’t.
Smiling when my endorphin's kick in.
Inspiring the people in my life to run.

3 months ago I could hardly do a 300 meter and if someone were to tell me I’d be capable doing 10 km by now, well, I’d never believe it.  Now with deep faith looking for a half-marathon in no time.   I’m just another runner but I love every sick/agonizing/gross/painful/beautiful moment of it.

My hubby's and mine running new shoes ...  

Life is Short: