Thursday, August 23, 2012

Evening Meditation

A two month long vacation and it is gonna be a month now since working.  At times the days are tiring and painful because of my spondylitis.  This evening just after a short nap, I stumbled straight into the garden.  With my course book in one hand, sitting on the chair still half awake and little pain.  I suddenly felt fresh refreshing salubrious feeling in the atmosphere.  Wow the weather is suddenly so beautiful and fresh past few days here in Delhi (Thanks to the Rain God).

A few minutes later anchored by the hot cornflakes milk and newspaper. Forgetting my pain and my upcoming exam, following the meditative frame of mind smitten by the aura around and flowing with the energy was just beautiful.  I could easily wallow in this quiet bliss for a couple of long hours until dark arrives.  For now treasuring this simple treat on quiet and spacious evenings like this.