Friday, July 20, 2012

A New Buy (peak-a-boo)

Garden furniture enriches the elegance of garden as well as provides you comfortable seating in the garden.
Recently I bought new set of mix wrought and wicker furniture for the garden patio. Before it looked like this here, here and here. This time I chose white over black which I had before.  Well this furniture can break down climates with more extreme temperature .  Other than the concern, wicker furniture is easy to maintain and clean.  I can expect it to last for long with minimal care.  It surely gives a very appealing accent to the patio too
What say friends....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small Bar Nook...

Hieee!! I am back again, actually i was very much here.  Enjoying my summer holidays at home but to the extent i would agree with gagan of peacock and blog also got neglected as me fighting off cobwebs, cleaning, de-cluttering and little renovation here and there.  Well then a message from my dear friend Sulagna from pink and black...actually woke me up....and I really feel good to be back to blogging.....

To start back is with an invitation to my little bar nook above my book shelf.   I feel the hot and warm weather is just apt for some lovely cocktails...wat say girls.
Behind the bar is a lovely old 3-d painting of a ship which my dear hubby restored from the backyard store room of his house.  And here goes the perfect place for this old and vintage painting behind the bar....cheers!!!