Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Birthday to remember....

Some Birthday’s are always to remember, and a person would never like to forget it.  This was one of my best Birthdays till now.  Well it was nothing about Solitaires, Candle light dinners if you are thinking that……*wink*.  It was my daughter of eight who surprised me.  And the Best part she did not let me come out of my room from 11-12 am (on the night before birthday).  I kept on saying her baby it is already 12 and she kept on saying just wait for 2 more minutes, and in between she also said just wait till 1’0 clock.  Hearing this me and my husband laughed our heart out and then at last at 12:15 am, I was allowed to come out.  I entered the Drawing room, lights were off and the cake (oh it was actually an ice-cream) with the candles lit.  Wow! What a memorable scene.  I can never forget.  And then they all shouted Happy Birthday!!! 
Once they switched the lights, the room was not the same.  I liked each and everything done by her (she is still a small baby for me).  And I know all my blogger friends would agree to this, kids will always be kids for there mothers whether they grow up to adults also.
Just managed to get some quick clicks. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yet another bird bath...

I have a huge space outside my house. So thought of one more bird bath and here is a glimpse...I was sooo inspired with my post only, that could not resist myself from keeping another one for the little angels....I hope they enjoy it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just like that...

Talking about birds in my previous post reminds me of this cage which is hanging at my entrance.   The other day I went to the vet shop to get food (Dog biscuits…Oh! she loves them) for my dog and fish food.  I saw this cage thrown up at the corner.  I have always admired the variety of cages used as a decor and styling thing.  So, here I have experimented, although it is just kind of first step to my kind of styling as a beginner.  I hope you like it and give me further ideas to work upon it as in.

I bought this cage thinking that I will put a plant inside it which right now is above.  And to laugh upon didn’t think of the door which is so tiny.  Of which I realized after hanging the cage here.  I was actually laughing on myself.  Then I made a small bird sit inside the cage here *peek a boo*. 

Here are some nice clicks, as I played with the object.   
Some have to bear it *sad* and 
some will surely enjoy like me *smiles*.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

birds need you this summer...

Birds need you this summer.
Summer is at its peak. It has already crossed 39C.
Many birds die in summer due to lack of water.  
Place water pots for thirsty birds in Terraces, Compound wall & Balconies.
These messages and emails are making a round everywhere, and me being an animal lover also would appeal all the people who are reading this to do their tiny bit by keeping a bowl of fresh water out side your balcony or garden.
Here are the pictures of my sweet Bird Bath which I bought a month back.

What are you doing your bit to save the little creatures….

I sincerely appreciate all my Blogger friends who have appreciated the cause,  but that is not complete.  I again plead all of you to come forward and show the world that how you care and actually you have placed a bowl(made up of as simple as mud/steel) of water for the little creatures.
I request all my blogger friends to create a little post for the same and 
show their bit to the world...
Creating the link for you please attach it here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

In my bookshelf

I don’t like to stay away from Blogging World, but I don’t have any choice.  Cause I am doing my studies and have to give exams each month.  So for few days of the month I will be away.  Well as of now I am free and the weekend is near the corner.  So, I just want to grab a Book from my bookshelf.  Now which one should I pick please give me any idea.
This would be a relaxing weekend.  The first thing I want is to sleep (just love like anything) for at least fifteen hours. Second, gonna catch a book with my special homemade brewed Coffee.  Third, a cozy corner and for hours just read, read and read.
Wow! Right now it is in my mind and I am surly going to make it a reality although I have to do lot of other things too this weekend, cleaning and de-cluttering as it is over a week I over-looked so many things.*phew*
My dear friend Sulagna from pink n black just asked me that is she the only one to find all the books in Red, Orange pattern.  Actually i forgot to mention that this is one of the section of my bookshelf.  Well i have arranged all my books in color pattern.....*wink wink*
How's dat!!!