Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greens on my kitchen top

The other day while placing my favorite 'ARIEN' coffee mug in the sink, don’t know how it hit the counter top and splintered from one side.  I was astounded and upset *aghast*. So quickly I tucked up the broken pieces with glue.  After ward it didn’t look that bad but it could not be used for the same purpose again.   
But, my Green Love helped me out.  So, here is the new approach.  I felt a little better thereafter.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Guest In My Garden

Some couple of months back, one of a lazy Sunday…I was catching a few ‘z’s in my room when I heard of some sound.  I suddenly got up and looked around the room.  Then I went around the house as of where the sound came from and there I followed the door to my garden where I saw a beautiful Peacock standing still in the garden.  I was besieged……. at once ran to call my daughter.  Got hold of the camera and just managed to get a mere click, seeing us, the peacock flew away to the nearby wall.   But, for a moment we were thrilled and exult seeing the bird in our garden *sighhhhh*
Somewhere I heard, this aphorism that if you find birds close to your vicinity often,  then you stay in a very healthy environment *wink*.

Weekend Wrap up -1!!

My weekend was full of cleaning, cleaning and de-cluttering.  With the start of the new school session for my daughter, I removed all her old books and made space for the new ones.  Then I also packed up all the winter clothes.  The cupboard looks orderly, neat and tidy.  In fact I made and placed tag above her clothes line for her ease.
For every season I have to shop for her clothes ‘cause of her speedy growth.  So for now the summer shopping list is endless *groan*.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Monday!!

I am especially happy about this Monday because today I have got off from work. With me and I think for many people Monday is a difficult day at work.  For the reason that we are still on a holiday mood.  Most of my Monday's are sleepy and sluggish because of the eventful Sunday (which generally we avoid..still). 

This flower-do as in the picture above is not done my ME (in fact it was done by my sweet maid last week).  My in-laws and family had to visit my place when I was at work.  So I instructed her to pluck some flowers from the garden (which generally I avoid.....) and place them in the silver glass of water.  Well she did a notable work and the flowers gave a refreshing feel to the room too.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My girls study nook!!!

After going through Patty’s latest Blog post related to her girl’s exquisite Room walls {Patty you Rock!!!}.  It reminded me of sharing with you my daughter’s study corner too.  About which I discussed with you here some time back and just forgot to post….  

I gave the makeover to the boring BLUE color chair we had previously.  I painted the legs WHITE then got a thick cloth and I actually stitched it myself…now how don’t ask meee….phewwww!!

But at least it looked better then that chair.
And hey don't go by the pictures.....the table does not looks the same neat n tidy always...
Just I had a GOOD DAY hahaha *wink*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Green Thumb Decor Part-2

Hi Friends, Here is another vista of the doorway.  I discussed about this breathing space here last year too.  With little amendments here and there it looks like this now.  
I got some animal pots too and thought of putting them at the evident entrance only.
This brass bell is my husbands (all by himself) purchase during the trade fair -2010 and till date it is hard to believe that day when while roving around in the fair we got separated for some soul-shopping and when we met after half-an-hour in my hand was this Hand painted Terracotta Red Bell hanging above and he had this Brass Bell *wink, wink*.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Thumb Decor Part-1

Since December I was not able to update my blog because of my password being hacked.  I felt ghastly as not able to update soooo many things. 
But forgetting the past I am back and I am so happy bout it.  The first thing I would like to do is attach this post with patty’s blog…so longing to do so.
This is a view of my teeny-winny garden under the stairs at the entrance.
Then I also painted permanently the pattern on the floor with white paint.  The idea was given by my husband when I was making the pattern on diwali.  He gave an idea of painting it permanently with white paint.  I was overwhelmed with the idea and finally it is there. 
Before I had this boring and dull, huge Grill.  But then with the arrival of the spring yearning for flowers got the idea of hanging some plant on the grill also and they have come out really pretty.  What say Girls..  But eeeeek that welded hook needs to be painted tooo. 

And thereeee you can see my sweet little bitch has also come into the picture.  Well her name is fruity but I must say she is not that juicy.  She is a real bitch. She is very clever, fiery and active.  But yes she loves us more then we love her(yah I m serious, or i can say she is  more expressive).  Last year when our maid had gone for a holiday and nobody used to be home as we were all at work.  My neighbors used to complain of her crying(actually, which could be heard from 1/2km also) and that also whole day long.  And once when we were back she was fine as if nothing happened.  But yess our house had definitely become famous among neighbors to talk about....lols