Sunday, November 28, 2010

sweet buy..

I always longed for a piece of art for hanging accessories etc.  And then just one fine day while window shopping got to see this Art and immediately fall in love with it.  The Delicacy and gracefulness is simply out of the world.  
  Although I always wanted to buy the Hand style stand but this was nothing less.  

Monday, November 22, 2010

In My Kitchen Garden

Oh! I am in love with my garden these days.  I just can't get my eyes over it.  The seeds have got saplings and they look so pretty, actually when they are small. 
My garlic plants have also started showing well. I have already started using garlic leaves for my special chutney. Where ever I should avoid it at this point of time as it is too early.  Hopefully the cloves get enough time to sprout and get a good head start growing before the ground freezes.  
The fenugreek greens look their best these days…wow!
 Soon my garden is going to give me treats almost everyday.

This weekend I have to replant some of the bare spots where the spinach didn't germinate.
Is your garden still giving you treats?